Paperweight - Amethyst crab

Paperweight Amethyst crab

The idea of creating Kulioček was created by looking at a beautiful shell from Greece and from the memories of cute hermit crayfish, which my girlfriend and I observed while diving on the island of KOH-LIPE.
So it occurred to me to create a hermit's crab, but as a new type of F1, which is bred to be cute, but also to be threatening. Kuliočko is now known as a two-methyl-eyed, four-clawed crayfish with better properties in the depths of the ocean, but at the same time it serves well as a decoration or paperweight !! :)

The F1 ball weighs 420 g with dimensions of 15 x 8 cm.

Polished and treated against oxidation.

1,500.00 Kč
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